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When it comes to choosing the type of water treatment system the first key point to determine is “What do I aim to achieve in using a water filtration system”?
This may seem like a silly question and some may say “I simply want to filter my water”, and that is fine and we have systems to achieve just that, BUT our water supplies are not simply providing us with nice clean water as more and more contaminants are being introduced into our waterways all the time, being from human introduction or from old pipes and treatment plants and also those on bore water, springs, creek or rain. Contaminants such as chlorine, lead, copper, chloramines, heavy metals, tannins, giardia, cysts, larvae, bad smells and the list goes on. This now gives us more to think about and how we achieve the filtration of what is of real concern. The next thing we need to consider is, point-of-entry or point-of-use. It’s not about one being better than the other, but it is about the unique requirements for your home and what each system is designed for.



     A point-of-entry system is installed within the main water line where the water first enters your home to treat ALL the water you use in your entire home. The treated water then passes through to every tap and to every appliance throughout the home. These systems are generally referred to as whole-house water filters.
     The All in One Whole House System is without a doubt the best filtration system for your whole house that is available on todays market. Whether it be on mains municipal water supplies or from untreated tank water or any other incoming water supply, there is a combination to suit every need. This sytem can be a triple whole house water filtration system or a twin big blue with ultraviolet water filter for sanitation of those nasty bugs that can be found in untreated water supplies. 
     Together with its modern looking full enclosure made from heavy duty construction, this is for the toughest of conditions. The many features that have been packed into the design, it's versatility to be used for all applications* and it's unbelievable price tag compared to it's competitors overpriced and under welming systems make these the number one choice for you and your family. The HPF All in One not only excels in all areas and against any other on the market but they look fantastic on any household exterior with no more unsightly grey or blue housings to spoil the look.
     It will also keep away vandals and minimise any accidental damage occurring due to the screw down front and top covers. 



underbench Filtered Drinking Water Where You Need It
Point of Use - UnderSink

     While a point-of-entry system is a whole-house water treatment solution, a point-of-use system treats only a portion of that water. Point-of-use systems filter water at the “point” where water is being used and is installed at a single water connection, typically under the sink or to an existing faucet in the kitchen, bathroom or any other water outlet such as an outdoor tap.
     The most common point-of-use systems would be the under sink plumbed in type. HPF’s under sink systems can be  either be plumbed in and use their own faucet so that they can be completely isolated from the rest of the water line or, they can be put in place within the existing cold water line and run straight through to the mixer tap. The unique and specialised combination of cartridges and range of certified 100% coconut carbon blocks make these systems perfect for targeting a particular problem that may be hazardous and found in drinking water.
     The ultrafiltration, bacteriostatic, catalytic and surface modification carbon cartridges are just a few of the different types HPF have to offer making these undersink systems a great choice for point of use filter systems. 



Fresh clean Water when You Need It
Point of UsE - HIGH FLOW

     Whilst the under sink systems are a popular choice another water filtration system that is highly sought after is the High Flow range. These systems are designed to be installed inline with your existing cold water supply and run straight through your existing faucet.
     With this type of system you will acheive filtered water through each and every drop that comes out of your tap with no need to add a seperate faucet. This is great for those who want the benefits of filtered water for all their kitchen needs and when they need it. By going through the existing cold water line and with the use of the specially designed cartridges, the larger inlet and outlet ports and tubing, you can acheive having quality filtered water without sacrificing your supplied flow rate.
     The quick change feature makes replacement of cartridges a breeze and one in which can be done in as little as 3 minutes. HPF have researched, designed and have had these manufactured specifically to meet their requirements to give you quality filtration in one cartridge.




ultrafiltration using ro for Drinking Water 

     One of the hottest topics when it comes to water filters would have to be reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is undoubtably the best form of filtration that a consumer can get and provides the cleanest water possible. With reverse osmosis water filters there is always going to be the debate of waste water, costs and the big one re-mineralising.
     High Performance Fitration beleive in facts and providing useful information to our customers. You can find out all the miths and misconceptions within the listings of each system as well as why the HPF range of RO water filters are at the top of the class and leave the others behind in every aspect.
     HPF’s range of reverse osmosis systems have been put together with over 30 years’ experience and the latest advancements in technology giving you a system that is second to none and at a price in which you would expect a standard under sink filter system. With 3 different individually designed 4, 5 and 7 stage reverse osmosis systems ranging from neutral to high pH we have a system that’s just right for you.



wHOLE house water filtration

     Having the option of either a single, twin or triple big blue all of house water filter gives you the ability to have a set up that is suitable for each application. Coming in 2 different sizes of either 10" x 4.5" or 20" x 4.5" housings there is a system for those who have lots of room and a large home or those who are pushed for space in a cosy granny flat or small dwelling.
     The big blue whole house water filter range from HPF offer excellent flow through their generous 1" inlet and outlet ports and come available with the same great combinations and choices of cartridges as the advanced Hybrid systems.
     The heavy duty toughened housings make for a system that will last a lifetime and provide ongoing filtered water for many years to come.



Cleaner Drinking Water when you’re on the move
Point of Entry/ Point of UsE - CARAVAN / PORTABLE

     The most common portable systems would be the twin caravan filter. These can be point of entry systems or point of use systems. Generally speaking we do not recommend mounting or plumbing in these systems permanently which is why they are great for caravans and campers.
     With a regular tap adaptor you can simply attach a garden hose to the inlet and outlet making them a great system and easy to use. Once finished filtering your water you can simply empty the housings and dry them out and then store the system neatly away under a seat or in a cupboard on a shelf out of sight.
     HPF’s range of systems have been carefully selected to give you only the best option for every circumstance along with light and heavy duty robust housings and quality filters these make a perfect selection for any camper or even those who just want clean water no matter where they are at any time.



BENCHTOP Portable filtration systems
Point of Use - COUNTERtop

     HPF's benchtop filter systems are a must for those who have limited space, in the office or for renters who cannot install a permanent system under the sink.
     With the single and twin option you can now have filtered fresh water on demand straight off your existing faucet. These come with a male or female faucet adaptor and fit on almost all existing faucets. Should you find that these do not fit your existing faucet HPF can offer various ideas and connections to re locate the filter at a point that suits everyone.
     These systems offer the same great cartridges as the under sink systems and look good on any bench or countertop. The standard diverter allows you to either have unfiltered water or filtered water with the flick of a lever. There is no need for plumbers meaning no hefty installation costs.
     Once you have our benchtop water filtration system installed in your kitchen or office, space-occupying water bottles and heavy water crates will become a thing of the past. You can rest assured that we invest in the most advanced filtration technologies to provide you with the best water treatment solutions available.



POol filter cartridges
Point of Use - Pool Filters

     With a selective few pool filter cartridges, HPF have sourced the most demanded pool filter cartridges and made them available to you at a fraction of the costs that the branded originals would be. HPF have had these constructed to specific specifications and guarantee quality is of high standards. With the Austral Hurlcon and Waterco Trimline equivelants take a look and save yourself time and money.





Domestic Sanitiser / Disinfectant

     Exclusive to HPF is the new product that will have you wondering how you ever got by without it. HydroSil PURE 3% is an all-purpose disinfectant for the home that is powerfully effective as an antimicrobial, anti-viral and antifungal agent, without leaving any toxic residue. This means that if you need to you can simply spray it on without even needing to wipe it off. HydroSil PURE is safe for contact with skin and can be used for an extremely wide variety of applications.





Replacement cartridges

     HPF have an excellent range of high performance replacement filters for every occasion. Their own brand of filter cartridges have been manufactured under strict guidlines with specific weights, dimensions and even the pleat count has been thought of.
     There is a range of certified and non-certified cartridges for everyone’s budget. All cartridges are a nominal micron rating unless otherwise stated so.
     When choosing your cartridges be sure to check the specific performance and reduction qualities for each to ensure you choose the right cartridge for the right job.


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