High Performance Filtration Lifetime and General Warranty


All High Performance Filtration systems comply with AS/NZS 3497 standards and are WaterMark under certificate number 23247

For the purpose of this warranty and any Terms and Conditions, High Performance Filtration, Their Partners, Suppliers and Distributors of High Performance Filtration
products will be referred to as ‘the seller’ and the purchasing persons, consumer and any third parties will be referred to as the ‘customer’.

High Performance Filtration offer a Life Time Warranty on all housings and other certain parts of their filtration systems. Warranty is subject to the conditions set out
below and final decision will be determined by the seller. The seller shall not refuse warranty if all conditions have been met and the item is faulty or defective.

The seller warrants each new product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase as per receipt
and/ or invoice issued by the seller. During this 12-month period the seller may cover freight expenses for any faulty or defective item. After the initial 12-month
period elapses, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange and cover any freight charges and expenses to return the item to the original place of purchase.

Lifetime Warranty refers to the life of the filtration system itself and does not extend beyond 10 years from the date of sale between the seller and the customer.
Original receipt or invoice must be shown for any warranty purposes and if the invoice or receipt cannot be produced it is up to the discretion of the seller to
warrant or void any agreements or warranties.

Loss of, or damage to, any items during shipment that may occur on return to the supplier is the responsibility of the customer. The seller is under no obligation
to repair or replace items that are damaged or lost during this transition period. High Performance Filtrations’ exclusive obligation under this Warranty is at
the supplier’s discretion to repair or replace the product, if deemed by the supplier, that the product is faulty, defective or not supplied as described. The
seller will not, under any circumstances cover any labour, maintenance, call out or any other associated charge incurred by the buyer for the replacement or
repair of any product.

High Performance Filtration is a seller of goods only and it is determined by each individual seller as to if they partake in after sales services such as installation,
on site repairs or any other services carried out after the sale has been completed.

This warranty applies only to the original customer and/ or purchaser of the product and is non-transferable. The customer is responsible for keeping records
of sale and proof of installation in the form of an invoice and/or receipt. The seller takes no responsibility for retaining customer records, it is the customers’
responsibility to retain any receipts and invoices from the original sale and any maintenance or works carried out on the system as proof of purchase and upkeep
on the system.

Qualification for warranty, as per Australian Plumbing Codes, is that all systems sold by the seller to the customer must be installed by a qualified plumber.

This warranty does not cover any product that is relocated from the site of its original installation.

All filtration systems and components must be maintained as per the sellers’ recommendations including but not limited to the use of replacement filters,
fittings, components and items supplied by the seller. Failure to properly maintain the filtration system using the sellers approved products may void warranty.
Filtration systems must be fitted with the supplied dual check (Non Return) valve pressure limiting device to limit the pressure to 500kPa or lower and for
WaterMark to remain valid.

All replacement items taken out under warranty become the property of the seller.

Limited warranty applies to the many working parts of HPF water filtration systems. Some components fall under ‘regular wear and tear’ and are not covered by
the lifetime warranty. Items including but not limited to; valves, taps, seals, adaptors and fittings are subject to a 2-year defect warranty from date of invoice.
Faucet, 3 way stainless ball valves and stainless corrugated tubing are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months and the seller may wish to extend
the warranty on these items ONLY for a further 12 months should they wish to do so. UV Lamps are covered under a pro rata warranty for a period of 12 months,
UV Ballasts are covered for a period of 12 months.

The lifetime warranty covers the following components in all filtration systems: 10” x 2.5” filter housings, 10”x 4.5” filter housings, 20”x 4.5” filter housings, single,
twin and triple white powder coated and stainless steel brackets*, 1/4", 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” stainless steel hex joiners, stainless steel elbows, ultra violet chambers,
All in One Enclosure*

* Brackets and All in One enclosure are not covered for defects such as rust and appearances and warranty only applies to the structural integrity of the items themselves.

In the event of housing failure and / or defect in the form of either a crack, leak or rupture to one of the above components or any defect to the kind where the
system cannot operate as per normal, that is deemed not to be an external or local cause such as water hammer, pressure spikes, impact, freezing, or incorrect
installation, the seller will replace the component(s) under the lifetime warranty as set out above so long as the customer has followed all things outlined in the
qualification for warranty. And the conditions for the lifetime warranty are valid and have been met in full.

Please contact the original seller for further Warranty, Terms & Conditions and any in store agreements made between the seller and the customer.







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