Products & Applications


  • WaterMark Certified Benchtop POU Filter System
  • Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housings
  • Inbuilt Faucet Tap for Drinking Water
  • Bacteriostatic Silver Carbon – Giardia & Cyst Rated
  • High Capacity 0.5uM Nominal Filtration
  • Installation Kit & Adaptors included
  • Designed for Un Treated Tank Water
  • Small 15cm Benchtop Footprint

HPF Benchtop Systems provide you and your family with clean, fresh great tasting water without the hassles of installation and expensive plumbing costs. This is non-invasive water filtration that is simple and effective to provide drinking water in your home. The benefits of the system being a POU system is that it is the last point of contact with the water so any contaminants caused by old plumbing or fixtures will be filtered out*.

The H1-100BCC system includes a BCC 2510-P5 0.5uM Bacteriostatic Carbon filter that will filter down to remove parasites from the water and prevent bacterial growth inside the filters. The benefit of using BCC filters (Silver Carbon) is that while you are on the go, the filters are frequently in and out of storage which provides a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish. The Silver Impregnated BCC filters prevent this Ash fed bacteria from forming which keeps your cartridges fresh and working for longer periods of time.

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