Products & Applications


  • WaterMark Certified Benchtop POU Filter System
  • Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housings
  • Inbuilt Faucet Tap for Drinking Water
  • UltraFine Hollow Fibre for Bacteria Removal

  • Dual Action UFC Coconut Carbon Block 0.01uM

HPF Benchtop Systems provide you and your family with clean, fresh great tasting water without the hassles of installation and expensive plumbing costs. This is non-invasive water filtration that is simple and effective to provide drinking water in your home. The benefits of the system being a POU system is that it is the last point of contact with the water so any contaminants caused by old plumbing or fixtures will be filtered out*.

There are several ways of sanitising tank water for drinking including Ultra Violet, Reverse Osmosis or Chemical Treatment. All of which have some down sides from heating the water, wasting water or ongoing chemical costs. UltraFine is a well-established filtration technology widely adopted in the USA that provides the sanitation properties required, without any harsh side effects on the water. The most beneficial part of this is that there is no water wasted during filtration. The H1-150UFC Twin Benchtop System utilises the UFC 2510-10 Hollow Fibre Carbon Block which has been manufactured with an external 10uM Carbon block and an internal 0.01uM Hollow Fibre Membrane. The UF Membrane is in an outside in configuration giving the filter a high capacity for filtration without the requirement of back flushing and water wastage. The Flow rate of the system is ample when used on pressure supplies of no less than 350 kPa so there is no requirement for a storage tank such as the case with reverse osmosis which allows the H1-150UFC to remain a compact twin cartridge filter. The H1-150UFC is an ideal choice for tank water applications

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