Products & Applications


•             WaterMark Certified Reverse Osmosis Filter System

•             Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housings

•             Stylish Certified Modern Design Swan Neck Faucet

•             Unique Chloramine Removal Capability

•             High pH Alkaline Post Filter

•             50 GPD Low Waste RO Membrane

•             12L Water Storage Tank & Universal Drain Clamp

•             Fitting Kit including – Everything Required for Installation

•             Designed for Removal of 99.9% Impurities in Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis is the best and most reliable form of water filtration for drinking water. It can successfully remove up to 99.99% of all contamination in water including heavy metals, fluoride, hardness, salts and other inorganic substances. Our Range of Undersink Reverse Osmosis Systems are the only RO units on the market in Australia that can effectively remove Chloramine due to the Chloramine removal Pre-Filter. The H1-25 is a 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit designed to remove all contamination and provide you with clean, great tasting water and give high alkaline pH reading between 8 – 9.5. The H1-25 System achieves this by using carefully selected media including high grade magnesium which feeds back trace elements into the water buffer and raise the pH of the water to high alkaline levels. It then passes through the 100% coconut carbon post filter to polish and sweeten the final product water. This system is an affordable option if you are looking for reverse osmosis filtration with the added benifits or re mineralising for pH correction.

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