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  • High Output Ultraviolet Sanitation System
  • Convertible Flow Direction/Configuration
  • Inbuilt Surge Protector, Countdown Timer & Failure Alarms

  • 40mJ/cm² @ 75L/Min | 30mJ/cm² @ 105L/Min
  • Working Pressure Gauges
  • Full Enclosure: Tamper Resistant, Weather Proof
  • Toughened Glass Viewing Window
  • Fast Plug & Play Installation
  • Full Plumbing Bypass for Maintenance
  • Standard Size 20" x 4.5" Filter System
  • Neutral Colour High Strength Powder Coated Steel

The HPF Hybrid All in One System is the ultimate in water filtration for your whole house. Don’t settle for systems that have half covers or enclosures that can be easily tampered with and which expose the bottom of the housings and pipework.
The H1-450 comes with everything you need to get started including a fully built in bypass constructed of WatrerMark Certified PEX Tubing throughout, there has been nothing left to spare.
The H1-450 is designed to be completely plug-and -play, reducing installation times significantly and reducing the cost and time for installation. The full body enclosure is designed to be completely water tight around the sensitive electrical components, eliminating the need to build or install additional covers to protect the electricals. The extra-large viewing window made from toughened glass makes viewing the gauges & ballast easy and wont craze (produce a network of fine cracks on (a surface)) like Perspex or hardened plastics.  With different selections of cartridges, we have a system that is right for you. High Performance Filtration have done the research and we have done all the work but more so we have thought about the end user who is you the consumer and put together systems that are made for each and every situation.

The High Output UV Lamp used in the UV system provides the maximum dosage of UV radiation into the water ensure all pathogens, bacteria and viruses are sanitised even at peak flow rate of the largest size homes.

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