Products & Applications


  • Portable Robust Water Filter System
  • Dual Carbon Chloramine Removal Filters
  • Designed for Mains Water Filtration
  • 0.5uM High Capacity Chemical Filtration
  • ¾” High Flow Ports – Compatible with Standard Hose Fittings
  • 316SS Centre Joiner & Heavy-Duty Z Shaped Steel Bracket
  • UV Resistant Blue Housings – Designed for Australia
  • Pressure Relief Bleed Valves
  • Standard Size 10” x 2.5” Housings

When travelling around Australia it is hard to know the quality of water you are drinking. Mains water quality varies significantly in different areas of the country and Chloramine is also used in a large number of locations. Chloramine is fast becoming the most important topic when it comes to municipal mains water. Free chlorine has long been the choice of water companies and councils until the use of Monochloramine has yielded significant improvements to expenditure for water sanitation. Unfortunately for the consumer, chloramine poses several health and aesthetic effects from skin & Respiratory issues to heavy metal leaching (from old pluming). Aesthetically monochloramine gives a strong Chemical Smell in the water and when mixed with the fluoride additive in water can also increase the corrosiveness and has been known to dissolve copper and lead from plumbing. The HPF H1-4 Series of Portable Caravan filters are designed specifically for portable filtration on non-potable and potable water supplies. The H1-4CRC system includes a 20uM Low Pressure Drop Carbon, providing protection for the final stage filter. The final cartridge is a CRC 2510-P5 0.5uM Chloramine Removal Carbon filter that will effectively neutralise Monochloramine in mains water. The Chloramine filter denatures and neutralises the Monochloramine molecule, breaking it down to simple elements such as water, hydrogen, nitrogen and a small amount of chlorine which is absorbed during the final contact with the carbon. The H1-4 range is ideally used as a dismountable system as they should be removed during transit to prevent damage through vibration, however they still carry WaterMark certification and are legal to be installed on fixed plumbing as a POE and POU filtration system.

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