Products & Applications


  • WaterMark Certified POE Whole House Filter System
  • High Flow 1” Ports – Triple Filtration
  • Standard Size 20” x 4.5” Big Blue Housings
  • Suitable for Small to Large Homes on Mains Water
  • Dual Carbon Filters for Maximum Chemical Removal
  • 0.5uM Chloramine Removal Catalytic Carbon
  • UV Resistant Big Blue Housings
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Bracket (SS Available)
  • ¼” Top Mount Pressure Gauge Ports + Bleed Valve

Chloramine is fast becoming the most important topic when it comes to municipal mains water. Free chlorine has long been the choice of water companies and councils until the use of Monochloramine has yielded significant improvements to expenditure for water sanitation. Unfortunately for the consumer, chloramine poses several health and aesthetic effects from skin & Respiratory issues to heavy metal leaching (from old pluming).

Aesthetically monochloramine gives a strong Chemical Smell in the water and when mixed with the fluoride additive in water can also increase the corrosiveness and has been known to dissolve copper and lead from plumbing. The H1-9TCRC is a system jam-packed with specialist blends of Coconut carbon to ensure all traces of Chlorine & Chloramine are removed from the water.

A Sediment Pre-Filter screens the water down to 5uM removing dirt, sediment, rust and other particulates from the water. A primary 20uM Low Pressure Carbon Block (LPD 4520-20) removes all traces of VOC’s and free Chlorine while maintaining good water pressure & Flow rate, followed by the 0.5uM Catalytic Chloramine Removal Carbon (CRC 4520-P5) that denatures and neutralises the Monochloramine molecule, breaking it down to simple elements such as water, hydrogen, nitrogen and a small amount of chlorine which is absorbed during the final contact with the carbon.

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