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  • Generic Astral Hurlcon ZX200 Replacement Cartridge
  • High Quality REEMAY® USA Filter Material
  • High Strength, Durable Polyester Filter Material
  • High Capacity Long Filter Life
  • Continuous Fibre Material - Minimise Breakage & Loss
  • Open Flow Filter Core - Increased Flow Rate

Astral Hurlcon ZX200 Generic Filter Cartridge

Replaces Filter Cartridges With The Following Dimensions

Diameter: 230mm
Centre: 75mm
Length: 693mm
(NOTE: Length measured from end caps and does not include the 5mm centre rise on each end of the filter)

Filter Features

Our range of Hurlcon Generic Filter Cartridges are made from a high quality Reemay® filter material from the US

Reemay® filter material is stronger than most other filter materials currently available. This is beneficial because once filter media starts to deteriorate, it will no longer filter the water effectively which will result in poor quality filtered water. Using these filters in your pool and spa will improve filter replacement times and lower your cost.

The Reemay® filter material has been manufactured to a high quality with Strength, Durability and easy cleaning as a number 1 priority. The pleats of the cartridge are even and provide a high surface area for high flow filtration.

Reemay® Filter Material is manufactured as one continuous fibre which minimise the chance of perforation or breakage of the filter material which can cause polyester files to tear off the cartridge and get into the pool or spa.

Our Hurlcon Generic Filter Cartridges are built with an open flow core to prevent flow restriction and lower the risk of internal filter blockages. Clogged filters will put a heavy strain on pumps which can increase power consumption and in worse cases, fry the pump. The open flow core is a solid cylindrical structure providing the structuralintegrity that the filter requires, but also maintaining the high flow rate.

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