Products & Applications


  • WaterMark Certified Single Undersink Filter System
  • Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housing
  • Stylish Certified Modern Swan Neck Faucet
  • Premium Coconut Carbon – 150% Higher Capacity
  • Exceptional quality 0.5uM Filtration
  • Fitting Kit including – Everything Required for Installation
  • Designed for Municipal Mains Water

For Municipal Mains water that is treated with Chlorine (Not Chloramine), standard CTO Carbon filters are best suited for chemical, taste and odour reduction. They are economically priced and being the base model of all chemical, taste and odour filters are super effective at removing free chlorine from drinking water. The H1-15CTOP premium single undersink system is designed for just that, chlorine, chemical, taste and odour reduction. The premium range CTOP 2510-P5 cartridge is designed with high capacity and absorbency in mind and can treat 150% more chlorine than standard CTO filters on the market. As the name suggests, the CTOP range of filters is the superior premium range to standard CTO filters and it is recommended for families who consume medium to high quantities of drinking water and also use the water for cooking and other things like aquariums. The higher capacity ensures that the filters will go the distance and not fall short causing replacements to be more frequent.

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