Single Undersink


Single 10"x 2.5" housing and cartridge undersink water filter systems


Single Under Sink system with Chloramine Reduction Carbon Technology for use on Mains Municipal and Chloramine Treated Water Supplies


Premium Single Under Sink with 0.5 micron Premium Chlorine, Taste & Odour Carbon Block and Dual Carbon for Maximum Reduction of Chemicals, VOC’s, Cysts etc. in Contaminated Water Supplies


Single Under Sink System with Low Pressure Drop Carbon Block for Sediment and Chemical Reduction for use on Low Pressure Systems under 50psi/ 350kPa


Single Under Sink with Lead Reduction Carbon Block for Maximum Reduction of Heavy Metals such as Lead and Arsenic etc.


Single Under Sink with Sediment Filtration Only for Heavy Duty Sediment Removal from Dams, Creeks, Tanks etc.


Single Under Sink System with Advanced Technology Ultra Fine 0.1 micron Hollow Fibre with Carbon Outer Combination Cartridge. For use where bugs and viruses are an issue & UV cannot be used such as tank water.

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