Products & Applications


•             WaterMark Certified Reverse Osmosis Filter System

•             Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housings

•             Stylish Certified Modern Design Swan Neck Faucet

•             Unique Chloramine Removal Capability

•             7 Stages of Water Filtration, Purification & Revitalisation

•             Alkaline Re-mineralising Filtration

•             Hydrogen Rich Water – Molecular Hydrogen

•             FAR Infrared to increase Dissolved Oxygen Levels

•             50 GPD Low Waste RO Membrane

•             12L Water Storage Tank & Universal Drain Clamp

•             Fitting Kit including – Everything Required for Installation

•             Designed for Removal of 99.9% Impurities in Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis is the best and most reliable form of water filtration for drinking water. It can successfully remove up to 99.99% of all contamination in water including heavy metals, fluoride, hardness, salts and other organic & inorganic substances. Our Range of Undersink Reverse Osmosis Systems are the only RO units on the market in Australia that can effectively remove Chloramine due to the Chloramine removal Pre-Filter. The H1-27 is a top of the range 7 Stage Hydrogen Rich Reverse Osmosis System that has been designed and honed over a decade to produce the perfect drinking water to aid Hydration, combat illnesses and help the body recover and function as nature intended. Hydrogen Rich Water has been heavily studied and tested in the USA as it is known to function as a powerful antioxidant which can help to prevent cell damage & inflammation, protect DNA and combat out of control cell growth as well as increase blood pH for people with metabolic acidosis. The H1-27 is an alkaline system meaning that the pH of the drinking water produced by the system will be between 8.5 – 9.0 which is regarded as the optimal pH for healthy drinking water. As the system removes all chemicals and sanitisers from the water, an important stage is the FAR Infrared treatment. The FAR Emitting ceramic beads act in a similar way to Ultraviolet sanitation, they use infrared energy to keep the water free of bacteria and viruses and prolong the storage life of the filtered water. FAR Infrared treatment goes hand-in hand with negative magnetic treatment which promotes chemical changes in the water to produce weak levels of peroxide which quickly react in the high alkaline water to produce water and an additional oxygen molecule which is where the increased dissolved oxygen content is introduced to the final stage drinking water.

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